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Vacation Homes

Who we are

Based in Orlando, renting dreams for more than 8 years and delivering peace of mind by optimizing time and raising income of your homeowners. Nice to meet you, we are THE BEST VACATION HOMES

What we do

  • Taxes & Licenses;
  • Bill Management;
  • Marketplace Integrated;
  • Online Booking System;
  • Regular inspections

Why us?

  • Average of 60% occupancy rate
  • Customized Reports
  • NO COST and NO Restrictions to owner's Stays;
  • Cleaning Fee paid by guests (Owner does not share expenses);
  • Accidental Damage Protection in EVERY BOOKING;
  • 24h Emergency Line;
  • Multilingual Team;
Entre em contato conosco e agende uma reunião em nosso escritório ou via Skype / Facetime!!